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Trade Winds is a consulting firm that offers expert solutions in international trade.

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Global Services

Ideal for companies who have 3+ years of experience in trade.

Expand your business horizons and tap into new markets with our expert cross-border trade consulting services. We specialize in helping businesses like yours navigate the complexities of international trade, enabling you to seize opportunities and maximize profits on a global scale.

Emerging India

Ideal for companies who conduct trade activities from India.

At Indian Cross-Border Trade Compliance, we specialize in providing businesses with the knowledge and expertise to ensure smooth operations and compliance adherence. Our comprehensive solutions empower you to expand your global reach while navigating the intricacies of Indian trade regulations.


Ideal for companies who seek regular consultation in trade.

With our expertise in Retainership, we ensure flawless international trade. Focus on growth while we handle complexities. Partner with us for smoother operations and unmatched success. Unlock the full potential of our services by joining our exclusive Retainership.

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FTA Benchmarking

Suitable for companies who seek to get preferential access to foreign markets.

FTA Benchmarking is a tool through which importers & exporters can get preferential treatment on customs duties under various Free Trade Agreements (FTA). It also enables businesses to:


Suitable for companies who are new to international trade and seek initial hand-holding.

We recommend the best as well as standardized practices that are followed in cross-border trade. This enables businesses to: