Making cross-border trade more sustainable by using cutting-edge technology.

Industry 4.0

Trade Winds is a consulting firm that offers expert solutions in international trade.

We assist our clients to get compliance as per Foreign Trade Policy notified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. 

We also provide assistance in order to avail various export benefits notified under Foreign Trade Policy.

This area majorly focuses on questions like:

TWC Opinion

Your problem our solution!

We provide opinion on any foreign trade related queries within 24 hours.

That's our commitment!

TWC Education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

We deliver knowledge on international trade by simplifying difficult concepts in the form of in-house training programme.

Any specific topics in mind? Do let us know!

Sourcing expertise

We specialize in supporting Supply Chain and Purchase functions. The core of our business is to achieve reduction in manufacturing costs through sourcing raw materials, components and machinery from low cost countries.

We are committed to providing  our clients seamless sourcing solutions.