Global Services

We provide advisory in the following trade segments, through which your cross-border trade will become even more hassle-free.

Advance Ruling

Advance rulings in international trade contribute to a more predictable and efficient trading environment, fostering greater confidence and facilitating smoother cross-border transactions for businesses engaged in global trade.


Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a status granted by customs administrations to businesses involved in international trade that meet specific security and compliance criteria. The AEO program aims to enhance supply chain security, streamline customs procedures, and promote trade facilitation.

Customized Trade Research

We provide businesses with valuable insights and information to make informed decisions, reduce risks, identify opportunities, and optimize their international trade activities. We help businesses navigate the complexities of global markets and maximize their chances of success in international trade.

FTA Benchmarking

FTA Benchmarking is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade. It enables businesses to:

By conducting FTA benchmarking, businesses can make informed decisions and strategically navigate the complexities of international trade.

Non Tariff Measures

Non Tariff Measures have a significant impact on international trade, affecting market access, compliance, risk management, and competitiveness. Businesses need to understand and navigate NTMs to facilitate trade, meet regulatory requirements, protect consumers, and seize market opportunities. By addressing non-tariff measures effectively, businesses can enhance their trade performance and ensure sustainable growth in a globalized marketplace.

Tariff & HS Classification

Accurate tariff and HS classification are essential for businesses engaged in international trade. They impact import and export costs, trade compliance, market access, supply chain management, customs valuation, market intelligence, and trade policy advocacy. By understanding and effectively managing tariff and HS classification, businesses can navigate customs procedures, optimize costs, mitigate risks, and maximize opportunities in the global marketplace.