About Us

Founded in 2020 in India, Trade Winds Consulting provides high-quality consulting services in the field of International Trade by sharing knowledge expertise with exporter-importers.

We are a trusted name in the Foreign Trade industry. Our customers are mainly large companies, SME units, and individuals who are involved in export-import activities. We speak to our customers as a partner.


"Provide integrated trade solutions to ensure sustainable profits."

Why Trade Winds Consulting

  • We work very closely with our clients, almost becoming an integral part of their team.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset; Assist clients to grow their business.

  • Responsible advice and assistance to clients to achieve their objectives.

  • Building long term relationships.

Value proposition

Exporter-importers have an exponential ability to bridge the gap between trade surplus and trade deficit. Our objective is to provide strategies and offer assistance to exporter-importers. By this we, as an enterprise best fit into their routines.

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