Advance Ruling

Ideal for predicting the customs treatment of imported commodities. 


Advance Ruling is defined as a written decision provided by the authorities (Customs) to traders (upon request) prior to the transaction, which sets forth a transparent and formal process for the treatment of goods with regard to the: Goods’ Tariff Classification Rules of Origin Valuation Advance Ruling is Trade Facilitation Measure and success depends upon how well structured. When analyzing a scheme you need to consider various points such as statutory provisions, definitions, authority, jurisdiction, scope, eligibility criteria, application rejection criteria, process, timelines, how the process of natural justice is incorporated, binding of the outcome, the validity of outcome, modification, and rectification and finally provision process of appeal.

Advance Ruling - Pitch


Globally Advance Ruling is used very regularly as a tool to improve predictability and certainty and take informed decisions. Worldwide, in spite of clear provisions in the law, excellent setup and process by customs usage of Advance Ruling are minuscule by Industry and Trade. The industry needs to take advantage of Advance Ruling and enjoy benefits.

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